Latent Print Comparison Practice Exercises - Set 1 (Contains 170 Latents)
Latent Print Comparison Practice Exercises - Set 1 (Contains 170 Latents)
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Latent Print Comparison Practice Exercise - Set 1 contains 170 latent prints which vary in difficulty and design. The comparison exercises start at a beginner trainee examiner level (Exercise 100) and end with more a difficult and challenging comparison for the trainee examiner (exercise 104).


Comparison Exercise 100 is meant as a true beginning exercise. It contains 30 latent prints made from small portions of known prints. These latent prints become progressively smaller and each contains a good anchor point for searching.

Comparison Exercise 101 consists of 50 latent prints developed with various processing methods. The latent prints contain significant orientation clues. Some of the latent prints contain a small amount of distortion, but they are suitable for trainees in the earlier stages of training.

Comparison Exercise 102 consists of a 40 latent prints. This exercise also contains latent prints from tips, joints and sides and has a focus on the use of Complete Friction Ridge Exemplars (Major Case Prints).

Comparison Exercise 103 is more difficult than the preceding exercises and several of the latent prints may require some digital enhancements. This exercise is useful in evaluating how well the trainee works with distorted, lower minutia count, and latents requiring minor image enhancements. There are 20 latent prints in this exercise.

Comparison Exercise 104 contains 30 latent prints and many of those are difficult.
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