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iDs - Initial Software Activation & Support
Our Price: $1,500.00

Initial IDS Activation includes:
  • One computer IDS installation
  • One IDS activation key
  • One year of IDS Support.
** Additional software installation/licensing is offered at a discounted rate of $500.00 per install/license.

** Use "Related Products" to add one or more "
IDS - Additional Activation Key(s) & 1 Year of Support" to your cart. ---->

iDs - Additional Installation(s)
Our Price: $500.00

** Initial IDS Software Activation and Support ($1500.00) is required to purchase additional IDS installation(s).

Additional IDS Installation(s) includes:
  • One additional IDS activation key
  • One year of support
** Increase product quantity for multiple additional IDS installs.
iDs - Annual Support Renewal (Key)
Our Price: $100.00

Valid Annual IDS Support provides:
  • All Software Updates & Patches
  • New Software Versions
  • Technical Support Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)
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